Animal Husbandry

1. Agriculture Department:

ATMA–through ATMA Conducting of Training programmes, Demos and Exposure visit with in the State, otherstate, with in the district, out of the district and village wise.
Rs.54500/- for Trainings & Demos to farmers in field level for better awareness

2. Panchayath Raj Department:

Taking Building estimations and cost of the buildings. RIDF funds from NABARD for buildings, Equipement and Furniture.

3. District Rural Development Dept.:

Taking the requirements from the field staff and getting sanctions through this

4. S.C Corporation :

Milch animals suppling through S.C Corporation by loans, Giving awareness to farmers for conducting vaccinations,suplly of feed and treatment for illhealth.


1.SRDP – Sheep Supply to Sheppard communities.1 Unit (1 unit = 20 ewes + 1 ram) Total cost of unit is Rs.125000/- (Beneficiary cost is Rs.31250/- & Govt. Subsidy is Rs.93750/-).Funds were procured from Central Govt. from NCDC.Scheme designed by the State Government.
2.BACKYARD POULRTY – Chicks supplying to S.C & S.T beneficiaries who are
instrested in rearing poultry farming. 1 Unit have 45 chicks. Total unit cost
is Rs.4560/- (Subsidy cost is Rs.3750/- & Beneficiary cost is Rs.810/-).

3.CHAFF CUTTER–Chaff cutter are suppling S.C & S.T farmers under 50% subsidy and other farmers have only Rs.10,000/- subsidy.
Sl.No Type of Chaff Cutter Full cost 50 % for subsidy for SC /ST Beneficiary Only Rs.10,000/- subsidy for BC & Other beneficiaries
1 2 HP 2 Blades Rs.19600/- Rs.9800/- Rs.9600/-
2 2 HP 3 Blades Rs.21400/- Rs.10700/- Rs.11400/-
3 3 HP 3 Blades Rs.25800/- Rs.12900/- Rs.15800/-
4 5 HP 3 Blades Rs.53000/- Rs.26500/- Rs.43000/-

4.FODDER SEED – Jowar ( PC 23 & S.S.G 898) supplied under Govt. subsidy 75% to all the farmers.Total Cost for 1 kg is Rs.39.50/- (75% of Govt subsidy is Rs.29.625/- and 25 % Beneficiary cost is Rs.9.875/- per KG).

5.FEED – Feed suplly to Shepperd community who are benefitted under SRDP. We are giving 206.3 kg ( 4 Bags = each bag have 51.575 kg)1 beneficiary @Rs.3445/-.