Electricity (TSSPDCL)

(Energy Saved is Energy Produced)

Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana Scheme:

The Government of India launched this scheme with the objective of providing uninterrupted power supply to every rural area of India. The scheme was launched in April 2017 in Telangana. The main objectives of this scheme is to electrify the village, strengthen the electricity distribution system and provide electricity to the poor (families below the poverty line). The main objective is to provide electricity connection to the poor for Rs125/. For families below the poverty line with Rs125 / – service wire, board, an MCB, a bulb will be provided to the house. Under this scheme, in Jogulamba Gadwal district for Rs16.15 crores , 25,616 electricity connections and 2Nos. 33/11KV Substations, 290 Single Phase 25 KVA. Transformers are sanctioned. A total of 33165 people applied for the scheme with the help of staff and the public. A total of 260 Single Phase 25 KVA were charged under this scheme . These transformers solve the problem of low voltage in the villages. I n the same way LT line of 83.2 km work was done for the work of 124 km. Under this scheme Construction of the 33/11 KV substations in Raja Sri Garlapadu (g) Itikyala (M) and Induvasi (g) Gattu (M) are completed and are ready to start.
Former M.P Shri Nandi Elliah under the Sansad Adarsha Gram Yojana (SAGY) scheme adopted Amaravai village (Maldakhal Mandal). 210 families below the poverty line were provided electricity connections for Rs. 125/-. 3Nos new transformers were installed in the village. 6Nos Transformers Earthing have been repaired . The work has been done for new 3-phase 5 wire line works for about 3.5km and the cable line for about 1.375 km. 24.715 lakhs was spent on this village for electricity works.

Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS):

The Central and State Governments jointly started the IPDS scheme to strengthen the power distribution system in towns, for construction of new sub stations and Installation of new transformers and meters for the transformers. In Gadwal town, 70Nos 100 KVA and 2Nos 160KVA transformers are sanctioned and out of these, all 70Nos 100KVA and 2Nos 160KVA transformers are installed. 11KV line works of 7.5Km, LT line works of 30Km, 11KV AB Cable works of 2KM and LT AB Cable works of 5KM are completed. Roof Top Solar Project has also been completed.
Under IPDS Scheme in Ieeja Town, one Substation with PTR capacity of 8MVA was constructed. 40Nos 100KVA transformers are installed in Ieeja Town. Similarily 4Nos 160KVA transformers are sanctioned and are installed in Ieeja Town. 11KV Line works of 3.5Km and LT line works of 12Km are completed.

33/11 KV SubStations:

There are 36 substations in the district of Jogulamba Gadwal by the time when telangana was formed. After the formation of Telangana, 9 substations were taken up and completed and are in use. And 12 substations have been completed and are not in use due to no operators and 3 substations have been completed and are waiting for the allotment of PTR’s. 9 substations are under construction, 2 substations (Palvai (V) Maldakal (M), Julakkal(v) Waddepalli (M) land are to be allocated and the Uligepalli (V) Maldakal (M) substation Proposal approval is required.

Telangana state government dalits living in dalits colony, tribals living in ST colony/Tandaas, having an official power connection meter, and by submitting caste certificate issued by the tahsildar /concerned village Revenue officer / ration card / Patta passbook copy of those, whose name under which meter was issued to the Electricity department staff by taking a received copy sign from them, for power supply utilized under 101 Units, Government Social welfare department/SC corporation and ST corporation will pay Electricity bills directly to Electricity department on their behalf.
To get a official electricity meter connection, a Bank DD for Rs.1725/- has to be drawn and has to be submitted in Consumer service centers along with application, Caste certificate, Aadhar card certificates and take a receipt from the consumer service center after submission.
The eligible consumers whose electricity utilization is beyond 101 Units, this scheme does not apply and they alone has to pay their electricity bills.
According to sources, there are 28600 Dalits houses and 2550 Tribal houses in Jogulamba Gadwal District. Consumers pertaining to 5798 dalit houses and 677 tribal houses has represented themselves as SC & ST in applications but caste certificates were not submitted while taking electricity connections.

SPA: PE Project (Special Projects for Agriculture Pump Sets Energization):
This scheme provides electricity connection to farm bore motors. Under this scheme, for each 5HP motor by paying DD amount of Rs.5780/- , the electricity department will bear Rs.70000/- for such each DD of Rs.5780/- for each 5HP motor and will provide materials and completes the work by contractors and provides electricity supply. From the day of Telangana State formation to till date, nearly with Rs.105 crores, electricity supply was given to 17060 agricultural Bore motors.

Under this scheme, Dalits and Tribal farmers by paying a DD amount of Rs.25/- and if the remaining DD amount and ORC amount is paid by social welfare department, then department will bear Rs.70000/- for such each DD for each 5HP bore motor and will provide materials and completes the work by contractors and provides electricity supply. Till now, in Jogulamba Gadwal district, a total of 184 applications are received from dalit and tribal farmers for electricity connections. Out of 184 applications, Social welfare department has paid for 182 applications. Out of paid 182 applications, 120 applications works had been completed and electricity supply was provided and remaining applications works are under progress.

Mission Bhagiratha Scheme:

The scheme was launched by the Telangana Government with the objective of providing drinking water to every household. With project cost of Rs.5.12 crores, Electricity supply was provided by construction of Substation at Revulapally, Dharoor (M). Also with Rs. 85lakhs Electricity supply was provided to Dharagattu, Dharoor (M).

Applications of 148 agricultural connections have been received for electrification under Indira Jala Prabha Scheme. Of these, 124 agricultural connections were provided with Rs 1.36 crores. For 5 agricultural connections, works will be carried out as soon as Rs.9.5 lakhs are paid by DRDO Gadwal.