Cooperation Department

                 The Cooperation Department having the Registration and Regulating functions over the Cooperative Societies registered by Department under TSCS Act 1964 and conducting Auditof all Coop Societies registered by Functional Registrars.  The functions of Department are as follows.

Registration of Cooperative Societies:

The Cooperation Department and other Functional Registrar Departments such as Handlooms & Textiles, Fisheries, Excise, Animal Husbandry, BC Welfare and Industries were delegated the powers for registration of Cooperative Societies. These Departments Registered various types of Cooperative Societies and implementing Development Schemes for welfare of members & other weaker section communities under 1964 Act and 1995 Act.

Types of CooperativeSocieties Registered:

S No

Registered under

No of Societies


TSCS Act 1964



MACS Act 1995


Audit of Cooperative Societies:

The Cooperation Department conducting the Audit of all Aided and Un-Aided Cooperative Societies registered under 1964 Act by the Department and as well as others Functional Registrars as stated above for every financial year ending by 31st

Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies:

There are (11) Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies(PACSs) in Jogulamba Gadwal District. These PACSs are having own office buildings with Godown facility and working exclusively for farmer community. The societies are distributing the Crop Loans & Long Term/ other Loans and also under taken the Non-Credit Business such as sale of Fertilizers/pesticides and procurement of Paddy/Maize/Bengal Gram etc.

  • Sanction of Crop Loans / Long Term/ Other Loans:In this District, there are (4) Dist.Coop.Central Bank Branches which are providing Crop Loan / Long Term loans / Other Loans to the farmers/ others through Primary Agriculture Coop. Societies.

 Distribution of Fertilizers/ Pesticides:

The PACSs distributing the fertilizer & Pesticides to farmers during every marketing season

Sale of Seeds:

The Seeds such as paddy, ground nut, red gram etc., distributing in every season.

 Procurement Under MSP:

The PACSs procuring the Paddy/Maize/ Bengal Grametc. under Minimum Support Price operations. The procurement centres for purchase of Maize/Red Gram/Bengal Gram were also opened. Due to open of Procurement centres the farmers receiving more than MSP price for their produce

 Godown facility:

The PACSs having its own Godown sand storage facility for Supply of Agricultural inputs to farmers.


No. of PACSs in Dist.

No. of Godowns

Capacity MTs





Conduct of Elections to Coop. Societies.

The Department Officers will conduct the Elections to the Managing Committees of all Cooperative Societies registered under TSCS Act 1964 by Department / Functional Registrars for a term of (05) years as per the Election Notification and Election Schedule issued by the State Cooperative Election Authority, Hyderabad.

Statutory Functions:

The Department is having the powers under TSCS Act 1964 to regulate the functions of Coop. Societies registered by the Department under TSCS Act 1964, by conducting Inquiries/Inspections.