TSIC-Jogulamba Gadwal

Grants for the innovator/startups with grassroot/rural impact


Preconditions for availing of this incentive:

  1. Individuals with innovations that have a direct implications on people at the grassroots, as defined in G.O. Ms. No. 8 dated 27-07-2021 .
  2. Startup with Grassroot/Rural Impact as per the definition mentioned in G.O.Ms.No. 8 dated 27-07-2021 .

Terms of using the grant:

  1. Applications can be made to receive support under only one of the support-types in each cycle. (Support-Types: Prototype, Pilot Grant, Seed Grant).
  2. Support can be availed only once under each of the support-types for each innovator/startup.
  3. The grants will be disbursed on a milestone basis, which will be different for each of the selected applicants.
  4. A utilisation certificate has to be submitted upon using the grants.
  5. A detailed project report has to be submitted upon the completion of the project.
  6. Any pilot should not exceed more than 12 months.

Evaluation Process:

The Nodal Office, Telangana State Innovation Cell, on receipt of the applications, will scrutinize and perform necessary due diligence. On confirmation of the Innovator/Startup eligibility, an assessment of the eligible grants shall be recommended by the nodal office.

All grants recommendations will be presented to the Grassroot Advisory Council who shall then make a decision on sanction/work order/disbursement keeping in view the available budget for the year. The decision of the Grassroot Advisory Council in this regard to sanctioning of any work order/purchase order under this incentive will be final.

Process of Application:
  • All eligible innovators/startups with grassroot/rural impact shall apply in the prescribed application form given below on the portal for Procurement related grant.
Grassroots Innovators
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The “District Innovation Awards” is an upcoming initiative (scheduled to begin from February) and also the first one that will be executed using tech-assistance from the District Communication Portal. A first-of-its-kind initiative, the project aims to reward, recognize and archive the best practices executed across the 33 districts in Telangana. A detailed explainer for the project and the application toolkit has been linked with one of the navigation tabs for public display.

The District Communications Portal is a government of Telangana initiative to streamline communications between the Telangana State Innovation Cell and the District Administrations.

The Telangana State Innovation Cell has made undertaken multiple initiatives with special emphasis on:

  1. Grassroots Innovation & Rural Livelihoods
  2. Social Innovation
  3. Innovation in Education/ Youth Engagement
  4. Innovation Diffusion (within administrative divisions)
  5. Startup Engagement.




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