Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES) subjects:

I.Agriculture statistics:

1.Rainfall reports:

  • In our district (9) manual Raingauge stations are existing in the premises of Tahsildars office(Old Mandal headquarters) and the Rainfall is being measured at 8.30 AM every day by the Deputy Tahsildar of the mandal and the report is entered in DES website in all 365 days by the MPSO of the concerned mandal and the DySO Working in RDOs office shall monitor the reports submission.
  • Apart from manual raingauge stations (20) Automatic Weather Stations are existing in the district covering all (12) mandals. AWS collects Rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, pressure, Humidity, temperature in addition it also measures global radiation, and soil moisture at desired location and the data is kept in TSDPS website every one hour, it can be accessed by general public also. TSDPS launched a mobile app TS weather android app and it can be used by general public also. Recently TSDPS installed LED display board on weather updates every one hour of the district and it is located at Muncipal Office,Gadwal.
  • Rainfall data of manual and AWS has taken up in TSDPS and integrated rainfall reports are kept in DES website by 10.30AM everyday for all (12) mandals in the district.

2. Area statistics:

  • Area sown figures are being collected by the MPSO(PTS) at mandal level from the VROs every fortnight and area figures are reconciled with the Agriculture, Horticulture and irrigation departments at mandal level and prepare the Agriculture Census for Kharif and Rabi seasons separately.
  • Submission of Advance estimates on crop wise area sown particulars and production estimates based on the crop cutting experiments conducted and prevailing seasonal conditions (4) times in the year submitted to the Government.

3. Yield statistics :

Pradhan Manthri Fasal Bhima Yojana (PMFBY) Scheme

  • General Crop Estimation Survey: The objective of the crop estimation survey is to obtain the estimates of yield of the principal crops in the district, crop cutting experiments are being conducted by the MPSOs of planning department and AEOso of Agriculture department. Total(424) experiments on (10) major crops planned during the Kharif,2019 and Total(266) experiments on (5) major crops planned and conducted during the Rabi, 2019-’20.
  1. Village Insurance Scheme:
  • : Paddy crop is selected under village insurance scheme under PMFBY (Pradhan Manthri Fasal Bhima Yojana) Total (67) units and (316) experiments are planned and conducted experiments. AEOs of Agriculture department are the primary workers.
    Rabi,2019-’20: Bengalgram crop has been selected under village insurance scheme under PMFBY (Pradhan Manthri Fasal Bhima Yojana) Total (58) units and (274) experiments are planned, AEOs of Agriculture department are the primary workers.
  • At harvest stage of the crops we are using Agri app developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and farmer’s welfare Government of India.
  • Agricultural Insurance Company is implementing PMFBY in the district during the year 2019-’20 in both Kharif & Rabi seasons.

II. Price statistics: The prices have been collected on daily, weekly and monthly basis for compilation of inflation at different levels in selected centres and Revenue division headquarters. The collection of prices is a very important parameter in estimation of GSDP.

  • Daily prices of 6 essential commodities (Rice, Onion, Red Chillies, Redgramdal, Groundnut oil, Tamarind) are being collected from the Division headquarters i.e., Gadwal and the price details are being entered in DES web site.
  • Weekly prices of 21 Essential commodities rates have been collecting from Gadwal centre and the price details are being entered in DES web site.
  • 40 Agriculture commodities prices have been collecting every month from Gadwal centre and the report is submitted to the DES.
  • Apart from this Daily wages of agriculture and non-agriculture labour is collecting every month from Waddepally centre.
  • Gadwal urban centre has been selected for repeated house rent survey and reports submitted to the DES every month.
  • For preparing Consumer Price Index (CPI) 5 centres from the district has been selected. In Rural (4) centres i.e., Yelkoor of Maldakal mandal, Alampur village and Mandal, Mandoddi village of Rajoli mandal and Kondair of Itikyala mandal has been selected and reports are being submitted for 4 weeks.( i.e., every week one centre) Gadwal is selected under urban price collection centre and the prices for 4 weeks has been collecting and submitting to DES.
  • Farm harvest Prices: Every year prices of important crops has been collecting in the selected centres for selected crops for (6 to 8) weeks in peak harvesting stage of the crops and reports are submitted to the DES.

III. Industrial Statistics:

  • Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) The annual survey of industries is the principle source for most of the basic statistics of the industrial sector. The ASI covers the entire factory sector comprising of factories registered under factories act 1948. The information collected is used for estimation of GSDP. In our district (16) units have been selected and the data has been collected for 13 units so far. Reaming 3 units data has to be collected.
  • Index of Industrial production (IIP) This data is used at various levels in Government for policy making decision and useful in the Banking and corporate sectors. In our district reports are being collected from 3 units and reports are being submitting to the DES every month.
  • Business Register (BR) Information is collected from all the establishments registered under registration of (7) acts and the information collection is under process.

IV. Socio Economic Survey(SES):

  • The national sample surveys set up by the Government of India in 1950 for collection of socio-economic data employing scientific sampling methods. On the same lines state DES conducting field surveys and samples allotted by NSSO.
  • In SES 77th Round “Land & Livestock Holdings of Households and Situation Assessment of Agricultural Households” and “ Debt & Investment” survey has been conducting in our district (8) samples in rural and (4) samples in Gadwal town & Ieeja town has been selected and the survey completed by the end of December,2019.

V, Other Surveys and Statistics:

  • District Hand Book of statistics: We are collecting basic statistics of all departments existing in the district for the year 2017-’18, so far we are collected 100% of the data and submitted to the Director,DES for approval.
  • Adhoc Surveys: In every (5) years adhoc surveys such as Census of land holdings,6th Census of land holdings has been completed recently. At present we are conducting 6th Minor Irrigation Census and first Census of Water Bodies with reference year 2017-’18. 7th Economic Census also commenced in the district and it will be completed in three months time i.e., 30th September,2019.

District Knowledge and Innovation Centre(DKIC) :

  • Department of planning Government of Telangana has established District Knowledge and Innovation centre’s (DKIC’s) in all districts. The centre will support the district administration to plan and Monitor to conduct district specific action research, data analysis and evaluations etc. to build evidence, bring in-need based information and changes to support the district administration. DKICs will use geospatial data to provide different kind of Maps to the concerned departments and prepared maps for Health,Education,ICDS & Veterinary department and also prepared maps for election purpose.

Planning Department subjects :

1. Constituency Development Programme(CDP):

Under this programme each MLA and MLC can exercise a number of works worth Rs.3 crores of his choice every year which are to be implemented by the District Collector. In our district (2) Assembly constituencies are existing i.e., Gadwal and Alampur. Year wise details of works sanctioned and progress of the works under the scheme are shown below.

Statement Showing CDP Funds w.e.f 2014-15 to 2018-19 of Jogulamba Gadwal District :

S.No Constituency Year Sanctions Works Sanctions Amount Completed Works Completed Amount Not Started Works Not Started Amount Expenditure
1 Gadwal 2014-15 50 149.24 47 137.45 2 7 141.43
2 Alampur 2014-15 71 149.24 69 140.31 2 7 140.31
1 Gadwal 2015-16 67 135.15 53 102.43 12 26.5 107.2
2 Alampur 2015-16 93 148.1 83 133.18 10 13.45 133.18
1 Gadwal 2016-17 106 297.06 95 257.65 11 30 257.65
2 Alampur 2016-17 198 298.24 149 231.34 49 69.7 231.34
1 Gadwal 2017-18 97 298.2 60 170.95 37 124.6 170.95
2 Alampur 2017-18 65 135.15 60 120.28 5 13.5 120.28
1 Gadwal 2018-19 89 297.5 21 60.41 68 236.5 60.41
2 Alampur 2018-19 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Statement Showing CDP – MLC Funds w.e.f 2016-17 to 2018-19 of Jogulamba Gadwal District :

S.No Name of the MLC Sanctions Works Sanctions Amount Completed Works Completed Amount Not Started Works Not Started Amount Expenditure
1 Akula Lalitha 10 10 10 10 10
2 K. Dhamodhar Reddy 6 27 3 13.00 3 14 13.00
3 Katepally Janardhan Reddy 7 22.9 5 18.5 1 4.4 18.5
4 Kasireddy Narayan Reddy 3 11.95 3 11.95 11.95
5 N. Rama Chandra Rao 9 40.7 2 8.5 7 32.2 8.5
6 Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy 3 7 3 7 5

2. Special Development Fund(SDF):

  • The District incharge Minister will recommend developmental works in each Assembly constituency to the extent of Rs.2 crores value.
  • The said proposals of DIM will be submitted to the government for accord administrative sanction and to provide funds. On receipt of administrative sanctions from the government the executive agency will be decided at district level and intimated to execute the said works.


S.No Funding Year Works Sanctioned No Works Sanctioned Value (SDF Fund)(in Lakhs) Works Completed No Works Completed Value (SDF Fund)(in Lakhs) Works Not Started No Works Not Started Value (SDF Fund)(in Lakhs) Total Expenditure (in Lakhs)
1 2 3 4 5 6 9 10 11
1 2016-17 5 25 3 15 2 10 15
2 2017-18 13 110 12 59.9 1 50 59.9
3 2018-19 46 5571.38 2 10 44 5561.38 10

3. Member of Parliament local area Development scheme(MPLADS):

  • Our district comes under Nagarkurnool Parliamentary constituency the hon’ble MP(LS) has opted Nagarkurnool district as his nodal district. On receipt of the Hon’ble MP(LS) as per their entitlement of Rs.5 crores every year developmental works are being sanctioned in his constituency.

Statement Showing MPLADS Funds of Jogulamba Gadwal District :

S.No Name of the MP Sanctions Works Sanctions Amount Completed Works Completed Amount Not Started Works Not Started Amount Expenditure
1 Garikapati Mohan Rao 19 89.9 18 85.9 1 4 89.9
2 Palvai Govardan Reddy 3 10.5 3 10.5 10.5
3 Ananda Bhaskar Rapolu 4 19.9 4 19.9 19.9
4 Keshava Rao 2 10 2 10 10
5 T.G.Venkatesh 4 20 4 20 20
6 T Subba Rami Reddy 21 105 8 40 13 65 40
7 Nandi Yellaiah 78 288 36 136.5 42 151.5 136.5

4. Crucial Balancing Fund(CBF): The Government have allocated an amount of Rs.5 Crores every year under the scheme. It has been decided by the government that discretion for spending funds under CBF be left to the respective Collectors, duly according priority for any of the important socio-economic development activities and felt needs of the people.

Statement Showing CBF Funds of Jogulamba Gadwal District : (Rs. in Lakhs)

S.No Year Budget released Sanctions Works Sanctions Amount Completed Works Completed Amount Not Started Works Not Started Amount
1 2016-17 300 204 299.92 204 299.92
2 2017-18 375 253 527.29 252 498.69 1 1
3 2018-19 275 41 246.12 17 149.28 24 95.47

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