Mission Bagiratha – Grid

The Mission Bhagiratha Department deals with bulk water supply to 313 Rural Habitations and 4 Municipalities of Jogulamba Gadwal . The Department will execute the works like Constructions of WTP,BPTs,GLBRs, Sumps and Laying of MS,DI and HDPE Pipeline. The Department comprises with on section officer in each mandal called as Assistant Executive/ Assistant Executive Engineer, who monitors the supply of potable bulk water in co-ordination with village Secretary/Surpanch in every constituency of respective habitations (Gram Panchayath). In every Constituency one Deputy Executive Engineer is deployed to supervise over the section officer and to monitor the bulk water supply.

Mission Bhagiratha scheme is a Flagship programme taken up by Government of Telangana to Provide potable Drinking Water bulk supply to 313 habitations and 4 Municipalities of Jogulamba Gadwal District at a rate of 100 litres per capita per day.


  1. Administrative Sanction : G.O.Rt.No: GO Rt. No. 336, Dt: 01/06/2015 of PR&RD (RWS-IV), Dept.
  2. Total Estimate Cost : 700.00 Crores.
  3. Total Number of Mandals : 12.
  4. Total Number of Habitations : 313.
  5. Total Number of Municipalities: 04.
  6. Total Number WTPs : 01 Nos.
  7. Total Number of Completed WTPs: 01 Nos.
  8. Total Number BPTs: 13.
  9. Total Number of Completed BPTs : 13.
  10. Total Number GLBRs: 05.
  11. Total Number of Completed GLBRs:05.
  12. Total Number Sumps: 02.
  13. Total Number of Completed Sumps:02.
  14. Total Number of Pump Houses : 02.
  15. Total Number of Completed Pump Houses : 02.
  16. Pumpset details: Raw water at Jurala = 242 HP (2Working+1 Standby) Clear Water at Jurala = 1072 HP (2Working+1 Standby) Clear water at Dharagattu= 215 HP (2Working+1 Standby).
  17. Total Length of Pipeline : 1019.33 km.
  18. Total length of pipeline laid : 1019.30 km.
  19. Bulk Connections given to : 303 Existing OHSRs and 333 New OHSRs

In addition to this, with the aim of providing inter net connection to every house hold Mission Bhagiratha(Grid) Department also laid 465 Km of Optical Fiber Cable.

In connection to this Mission Bhagiratha(Intra) deals with the tap connection to every house hold.

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