• What is Mid-Day Meal?:-
    Mid-day meal is a wholesome freshly-cooked lunch served to school children in India.
    On November 28, 2001 the Supreme Court of India passed an order stating:
    “We direct the State Governments/Union Territories to implement the Mid-Day Meal Scheme by providing every child in every Government and Government assisted Primary School with a prepared mid-day meal.”
    Mid-Day Meal Scheme aims to:
  •  avoid classroom hunger
  •  increase school enrollment
  •  increase school attendance
  •  improve socialization among castes
  •  address malnutrition and
  •  empower women through employment
    In the District 466 Government schools are implementing mid-day-meal is sponsored by central Government for the benefit of 62530 children studying from class I to X.
    2018-19: Target – 11.50 Cr. Achievement:9.5 Cr.

2019-20: Target – 12.32 Achievement- 5,48,94,000Cr. Released to Mandals.


SAMAGRA SHIKSHA:The Integrated Scheme on School Education envisages the ‘school’ as a continuum from pre-school, primary, upper primary, secondary to Senior Secondary levels. The vision of the Scheme is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education from pre-school to senior secondary stage in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for Education.

The Sustainable Development Goals for School Education are:

  • The Goal SDG-4.1 states that “By 2030, ensure that all boys and girls complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes”.
  • Further the SDG 4.5 states that “By 2030, eliminate gender disparities in education and ensure equal access to all levels of Education and vocational training for the vulnerable, including persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and children in vulnerable situations”.

The major objectives of the Scheme are provision of quality education and enhancing learning outcomes of students; Bridging Social and Gender Gaps in School Education; Ensuring equity and inclusion at all levels of school education; Ensuring minimum standards in schooling provisions; Promoting Vocationalisation of education; Support States in implementation of Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009; and Strengthening and up-gradation of SCERTs/State Institutes of Education and DIET as a nodal agencies for teacher training. The main outcomes of the Scheme are envisaged as Universal Access, Equity and Quality, promoting Vocationalisation of Education and strengthening of Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs)

Samagra Shiksha is an integrated scheme under Central and State Government. It provides Facilities to the students and School infrastructure by merging the three centrally sponsored schemes Sarva Shikasha Abhiyan (SSA), Rastriya Madyamika Abhiyan (RMSA) and Teacher Education(TE) as manyinterventions under Samagra Shiksha.

  • Entitlements under Right to Education ACT: The Samagra Shiksha entitles the children with facility of uniform and Text Books to achieve the goal of Equity. Equity mean not only equal opportunity, but also creation of conditions in which the disadvantaged sections of the society – children of SC, ST, Muslim minority, landless agricultural workers and children with special needs, etc. – can avail of the opportunity. The Government has made equity and access as right of the children getting these entitlements.
  1. Uniforms : The children in the Government Schools are provided two pairs of uniforms every yearunder equity.
    Children Budget
    2018-19: Target -66430 Rs.38,18,050/-(As per PAB)
    Released by Government- 66430 Rs.38,18,050/- ( From state to SMCs) Achievement – 66430 Rs.38,18,050/-
    2019-20 Target – 67397 Rs. 38.73,628/-Achievement- 67397Amounts are not yet released from State.
  2. Free Text Books : The children in the Government schools has been provided by free text books from class I to X No.Of Books.

          2018-19 Target – 3,69,220 Achievement – 3,69,220, 2019-20 Target – 4,15,832 Achievement – 3,61,107

          (Ground Balance 54,725)

  • Access and Retention: Access, not to be confined to ensuring that a school becomes accessible to all children within specified distance but implies an understanding of the educational needs and predicament of the traditionally excluded categories – the SC, ST and others sections of the most disadvantaged groups, the Muslim minority, girls in general, and children with special needs.
  1. Transport Allowance :The Scheme also provides children’s access to elementary schools through Transport and Escort facility to children in Classes I-VIII and for Children with Special Needs (CWSN). Provision for transport /escort facility for Children in remote habitations with sparse population where opening of schools is unviable or where Gross Access Ratio is low or where District specific proposal of consolidation of schools is received.
    District would need to notify such habitations and identify the number of children in that habitation who would be provided this facility. This would be appraised based on the data provided by the State for such children under Student Database Management Information System(SDMIS).
    No.Of Children Budget
    2018-19 Target- 393 Rs.23,30,000/- (As per PAB 2018-19) Achievement – 393 Yet to be released by state
    2019-20 Target – 532 Rs.29,48,000/- (As per PAB 2019-20) Achievement – 532 Yet to be released by state.
  2. Seasonal Residential Hostels :There are certain areas in the country where it may not be viable to set up schools. The Scheme would support the provision of residential facilities for boys and girls to serve children in sparsely populated areas of tribal, desert or hilly districts, where it may not be viable to set up a full-fledged school.
    No.Of SRHs Budget
    2018-19 Target- 30 Rs.1,50,00,000/- (As per PAB 2018-19)
    Released by Government- 27 Rs.1,32,06,000/- Achievement – 27 Rs.1,32,06,000/-
    2019-20 Target – 30 Rs.1,50,00,000/-(As per PAB 2019-20)Achievement – –
  3. NRSTCs :No.Of NRSTCs Budget 2018-19 Target- 19 Rs.5,44,800/- ( As per PABfor 4 Months) Achievement – 15 Yet to be released 2019-20 Target – 15 Rs.12,79,500/- (As per PAB For 9 Months) Achievement -.
  • Community Mobilization: Community mobilisation and close involvement of community members in school education is extremely critical as it fosters ‘bottom up approach’ not only in effective planning and implementation of interventions in the schools but also in effective monitoring, evaluation and ownership of the government programmes by the community. Active participation of the community also ensures transparency, accountability and helps in leveraging the cumulative knowledge of the community for better functioning of school.

          School management committee Trainings.
          2018-19 Target- Rs.14.07 Lakhs (As per PAB)Released by Government- Rs.14.07 Lakhs Achievement- Rs.14.07/-
         2019-20 Target- Rs.21.87 Lakhs (As per PAB) Achievement-

  • Quality Intervention:School Education is envisaged as a holistic and convergent programme aimed at providing quality education across the wide spectrum of schools, spanning from pre-nursery to higher secondary classes.
  1. Rastriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA):To promote Science and Maths learning at upper primary to Senior Secondary (for classes VI to XII) as per the guidelines of RAA
    2018-19 Target- Rs.12.75 Lakhs (As per PAB)
    Released by Government- Rs.6.01 Lakhs (through state procurement) Achievement- Rs.6.01 Lakhs. 
    2019-20 Target- Rs.12.38 Lakhs (As per PAB) Released by Government- Achievement-
  2. ICT & Digital Initiative:Today, technology has increasingly become a vital element in the enhancement of quality in education. The use of ICT would help transform the process of teaching and learning from the traditional instructional teacher-centred endeavour to a learner-centred approach.Training in ICT is provided through in-service training programmes. 2018-19 Target- Rs.13.30 Lakhs (As per PAB)Released by Government- Rs.1.913 Lakhs (through State Procurement) Achievement- Rs.1.913 Lakhs,2019-20 Target- Rs.18.64 Lakhs (As per PAB)Achievement-
  3. Library :There shall be a library in each school providing newspapers, magazines and books on all subjects, including story books 2018-19 Target- Rs.41.30 Lakhs (As per PAB) Achievement- Not released,2019-20 Target- Rs.43.90 Lakhs (As per PAB)Achievement-.
  4. Support for Pre-Primary Level:Support the efforts of State Government in setting up pre-nursery schools.Pre-nursery level support for training of Anganwadi workers.2018-19 Target- Rs.13.07 Lakhs (As per PAB) Achievement- Not released, 2019-20 Target- Rs.114.00 Lakhs (As per PAB) Achievement-.
  5. Sport & Physical Education: The sports equipment will be provide under this component. Expenditure for meeting expenses on procuring sports equipment for indoor & outdoor games.                                                                                      2018-19 Target- Rs.13.30 Lakhs (As per PAB)Achievement- Not released. 
    2019-20 Target- Rs.47.10 Lakhs (As per PAB) Achievement-.
  6. Teacher Education: All aspects of teacher education, SCERT, DIET, Teacher recruitment, In service training, Training of untrained teachers
  • Training’s : To emphasize the integration of training structures in district. The funds for teachers training would be implemented through SCERTs who will be the nodal agency in the State to conduct in-service teachers training.

          2018-19 Target- Rs.20.55 Lakhs (As per PAB)

          Released by Government- Rs.20.10 Lakhs Achievement- Rs.20.10 Lakhs
         2019-20 Target- Rs.72.17 Lakhs (As per PAB)Achievement-

  • Composite School Grants: The Scheme envisages an annual recurring school composite grant for all Government Schools for the replacement of non-functional school equipment and for incurring other recurring costs such as consumables for play materials, sports equipment, laboratories, electricity charges, internet, water, teaching aids etc. It also provides for annual maintenance and repair of existing school building, toilets and other facilities to upkeep the infrastructure in good condition.
    2018-19 Target- Rs.206.75 Lakhs (As per PAB)
    Released by Government- Rs.206.75 Lakhs ( state to SMCs)
    Achievement – Rs.206.75 Lakhs
    2019-20 Target – Rs.210.25 Lakhs (As per PAB)
    Released by Government- Rs.36.26,714 Lakhs ( State to SMCs)
    Achievement – Rs.36,26,714/-
  • Gender & Equity:Gender concern, implying not only an effort to enable girls to keep pace with boys but to view education in the perspective spelt out in the National Policy on Education 1986 /92; i.e. a decisive intervention to bring about a basic change in the status of women.
    a. KGBVs:
    2018-19 Target- Rs.1569.50 Lakhs (As per PAB)
    Released by Government- Rs.847.12 Lakhs (To KGBV Accounts)Achievement- Rs.847.12 Lakhs (As per PAB)
    2019-20 Target- Rs.3349.24 Lakhs (Including Spillover)Achievement-
    b. Self Defence Training: Training for 3 months for inculcating self defence skills including life skill for self protection and self-development.
    2018-19 Target- Rs.17.10 Lakhs (As per PAB)Achievement- Not Released
    2019-20 Target- Rs.7.83 Lakhs (As per PAB)Achievement-
  • Inclusive Education: Education for Children with Special Needs(CwSN) involves multiple aspects above and beyond the financial support for CwSN. Many areas have to be looked upon manifestly that will ensure proper implementation and effective inclusion
    a. Provision for Children with special needs:
    2018-19 Target- Rs.30.51 Lakhs (As per PAB)
    Released by Government- Rs.26.55 Lakhs Achievement- Rs.26.55 Lakhs
    2019-20 Target- Rs.30.51 Lakhs (As per PAB) Achievement-
  • Monitoring Information System (MIS): Support to Districts for various MIS activities of the Department like UDISE, ShalaKosh, Shagun etc.
    i. 2018-19 Target- Rs.2.19 Lakhs (As per PAB)
    Released by Government- Rs.2.19 Lakhs Achievement- Rs.2.19 Lakhs (As per PAB)
    2019-20 Target- Rs.5.48 Lakhs Achievement-
  • Programme Management: Collaborations in management will address administration and organizational reforms in matters such as strategic planning and goal setting, increased autonomy to Principals and teachers in procurements, finance, accounting, monitoring of performance standards, etc.
    2019-20 Target- Rs.53.90 Lakhs Achievement-
  • Strengthening of Existing schools (Civil): Provision for Science and maths Lab, Computer Room, Art Cultural Room, Library, ACR, Water & Toilet, essential classroom furniture, School infrastructure as per the provisions in the Schedule of the RTE Act, 2009, Major Repair, Minor Repair and Electrification
    i. 2018-19 Target- Rs.869.69 Lakhs (As per PAB)
    Released by Government- Rs.182.22 Lakhs Achievement- Rs.182.22 Lakhs
    2019-20 Target- Rs.4524.72 Lakhs (As per PAB Including Spill over)Achievement-
  • Vidya Volunteers:  The State Government provides Vidya Volunteers for the sanctioned posts vacant in the schoolsas per the requirement -to fulfil the academic needs of the children.
    i. 2018-19 Target- 803 VVs Budget : 6,99,35,787 Cr.Achievement- 803 VVs Budget: 6,97,43,688 Cr.
    2019-20 Target- 803 VVs Budget: 9,63,60,000 Cr.Achievement- 803 VVs Budget: Yet to release by Govt.